Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in stock at GameStop this weekend ( Category : 1 )

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 demand is currently sky high, each console racking up sales of 2 million units within weeks of their respective launches last month. So far getting your hands on either has proven to be a daunting task as stocks at major sellers like Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy have been selling out like clockwork. But those looking to grab one before the holidays are over can try GameStop this weekend.

Starting Friday, the game retailer will have a limited number of both consoles in stock, the company announced Friday. It's not clear how many of each console are available as PS4 stocks have differed of late with the Xbox One here in the US, but it's safe to say that those interested in picking one should aim to do so today or face the possibility of stocks selling out by Sunday.

Availability elsewhere is slim for the consoles by themselves and fares better for bundles. Just today Amazon replenished its stock of Xbox Ones, but the PS4 remains sold out. At Best Buy, Xbox One bundles ranging from $530 to $650 are available for delivery before Christmas Eve, though all five of its PS4 bundles are sold out as well.

But hope is not lost for Sony fans. Walmart announced Thursday that it would be getting its largest PS4 shipment to date starting Sunday, December 15 at 8 a.m.

If you can't bear the possibility of showing up in person to find your console of choice sold out yet again -- or the potential of an online order arriving post-Christmas -- there's always the reliable number of overpriced units on eBay. Though the age-old idiom buyer beware would apply here, as one unlucky British teenager has learned the hard way after paying $735 for a photo of an Xbox One.